I run studio photography workshops at Wimbledon Art Studios, as part of their DSLR Photography Courses Series. There are two different workshops: Creative Flower Photography and Still Life Photography. As new dates become available, they are announced on the DSLR Photography Courses website; there is also a waiting list, so that you can register you interest.

I also teach at Amersham Studios, two workshops available at this location - Creative Flower Photography-Introduction and Creative Flower Photography -Intermediate. Please click here for studio details and the calendar.

I am also available for full-day one-to-one tuition sessions at the same venue. The session can be tailored to your specific requirements, so that you can focus on any particular technique or style of Flower or Still Life studio photography.
Here is a broad overview of topics that are typically covered during my workshops and one-to-one sessions:

• introduction to studio lighting and to various technical aspects of fine art studio photography
• using light controllers, softboxes, reflectors and other studio equipment
• setting up professional flash lighting system and attachments
• some of my favourite lighting setups and techniques
• camera settings for various styles of shooting in a studio environment
• advice on setting up a home studio
• practical guide to lenses, and how to achieve a desired creative effect using a particular type of lens
• introduction to Lensbaby lenses for still life and flowers
• the art of good photography composition
• pre-visualising your still life image and then working towards creating it
• the focus stacking technique and Helicon Focus software
• Intentional Camera Movement technique combined with in-camera multiple exposure
• tips on post-processing images in Adobe Photoshop

The session is very hands-on, we will be using a fully equipped studio with a range of Bowens lights, a wide choice of props, backgrounds and accessories. At the end of the session, not only will you gain confidence for shooting in a studio environment, but you will also walk away with some great images for your portfolio.
The duration of my one-to-one sessions is 5 hours; the cost is £350 (light launch and refreshments are included).
To book a session, please contact me by clicking here.